Two new and unique cars from BMW i and Garage Italia Customs have been unveiled, celebrating the Memphis Design Group.

The exclusive BMW i MemphisStyle interior and exterior Design on the BMW i3 and the BMW i8, pays tribute to the artistic and cultural movement that revolutionised design in the 1980s.

Founded in 1981 by Ettore Sottsass, the Memphis Group took risks with unusual materials and graphic patterns. The style was inspired by movements like Art Deco, Pop Art and Kitsch, moving away from minimalist designs from the 70s.

Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President of BMW Group Design: “During the nineteen-eighties, the Memphis Group questioned the formal severity and classic functionality of design artefacts both in a somewhat provocative and humorous manner. In this way, Memphis became a symbol of contemporary design. With its design drafts, the Group challenged existing dogmas, aroused emotions and created designs with high recognition value.

Vibrant colours and perfectly placed geometric shapes make up the design of these BMW’s, created by Garage Italia Customs. The process of carefully applying the various masks was quite complex, and there are as many as eight layers of colours on the body.

The interior of the cabin is made up of contrasting technical fabric, Alcantara® and Foglizzo leather in various colours, paying further homage to the style that changed design and decor in the 80s.

The MemphisStyle Edition BMW i3 and BMW i8 are all one-of-a-kind pieces and are available on request by Garage Italia Customs only.

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