LAX are opening their new private VIP Terminal on May 15th.

The luxurious Private Suite is a new private terminal far from the traffic of LAX. Those who wish to have privacy, or simply want to travel with as little waiting and stress as possible can enjoy private TSA screenings, customs and immigration services, whilst avoiding all queues. Identification is required before entering the private gates, ensuring there are no prying eyes or paparazzi around.

After check-in, passengers can wait for their flight in luxury suites, with en-suite bathrooms, food service and beds. There are even private suites catering to passengers travelling with young children, and suites with daybeds. When it is time to fly, members will be taken to their aircraft directly in BMW 7 Series sedans, ensuring a stress-free journey from arrival to boarding.

Each member will have a team of eight people assigned to them throughout their journey in LAX, including one who will handle all of their luggage, and others who will escort them around the terminal and deal with special service requests.

The Private Suite is only available to members. Annual Membership costs $7500, and includes complimentary pre-flight massages, in-suite manicure, make-up and hair services and the choice to book a concierge doctor, plus much more. There are also other options for those who wish to trial the new terminal.


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