The Lexus UX Concept was unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. The concept vehicle gives us a glimpse into the company’s vision for the future, and their redefinition of a luxury driving experience.

Designed by ED2, Lexus’ European design centre, the compact SUV features innovative technology and a brand new Kinetic Seat Concept, to create a rich driver experience where the driver is in control of their environment.

The SUV features an inside out design concept which deconstructs interior and exterior styling. “We wanted to show the human-centric aspect of the concept in a visually as well as philosophically strong way.” Said Alexandre Gommier, Interior Designer at ED2. “A strong symbiosis between the exterior and interior was felt to be important by all the designers involved.”

The interior cabin doesn’t have a conventional dashboard. Instead, sharp, angular forms overlap and flow past each other to create a strong interplay of shadows and contrasts. The three-dimensional feel of the instrumentation and in and out flow of the meters make the cabin space feel bigger and continue the inside-out concept.

See more pictures of the Lexus UX Concept below.


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