Dinner in the Sky will be coming to Vancouver for the first time this summer.

The exclusive dining experience, where diners are taken 150ft up in the air, will take place between July 1- 31 2017.

A 200ft crane will take diners up towards the sky, where they can enjoy the views Vancouver has to offer and take some unique selfies. The lunch or dinner experiences include fine cuisine made with first-class ingredients, served by Sky Chefs.

For foodies seeking the ultimate Dinner in the Sky experience, VIP Packages are available. Priced at $919, you can treat yourself to a raw/oyster bar, champagne, caviar, wine and a five course meal., as well as VIP seating and priority check-in.

Dinner in the Sky first originated in Belgium. Since then, they have held over 5000 events in more than 40 countries.

Packages for lunch start from $296, with business packages also available. Visit the Sky Dine website for more information.


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