The famous Burj Al Arab wowed the world when it opened and now, over 15 years later, a new and important element arrives to renew and increase its popularity. The artificial island on which lies this icon Hotel has been extended with a terrace of over 10,000 square meters and contains a 612 sq. meters freshwater pool and a saltwater infinity pool of 828 sq.meters, a beach, a series of covered sitting areas and a restaurant.

Bross is one of the designers who have been involved in transforming the luxury floating platform, built by developer Admares in collaboration with Sigge Architects and Kudos Dsign.

The Scape Restaurant features the Bross chair Hug, designed by Enzo Berti and available in multiple versions.

Hug is a comfortable seat that is distinguished by the elegant backrest, finished by a refined quilted upholstery. Selected with a covering in blue leather and black lacquered wooden frame, it perfectly combines the square tables with wooden top and black metal structure of the Jumeirah Terrace restaurant, while an installation of three-dimensional geometric copper shapes turns the ceiling of this area in a precious kaleidoscope.


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